"Welcome to our virtual office! Prime Counselling & Life Coaching was founded in 2007.

I am an Addictions Counsellor with more than a fifteen years of experience in the field. Graduated from the University of Kent in the United Kingdom, I also hold a Diploma in both, Life Coaching and Addictions Counselling.

I have been a member of FDAP (Federation of Drug & Alcohol Professionals) since 2004. Currently I provide counselling/coaching services in the UK, Europe, Africa and Asia. I travel and network internationally in a quest to find the newest and most effective approaches for any given population. My passion is to provide comprehensive and top quality care using innovative and client-centered approaches.

I use a blend of different schools of psychological theory that I believe best affect change and that are supported by scientific evidence. I integrate elements of psychodynamic, humanistic and cognitive behavioral approaches.

In the past I managed multidisciplinary teams, providing individual supervision and training." by Nuno Albuquerque

Personal Info

  • +44 7841 906 908
  • 35- 37 Bread Street, Edinburgh EH3 9AL
  • primecounsellinglifecoaching@gmail.com
  • http://primecounsellinglifecoaching.com/14358982_10210206483974571_5474453041346331821_n

Counselling and Life Coaching are of great benefit to those seeking to change and develop themselves and their lives.

Counselling concerns itself more with exploring feelings and bring to light unconscious thought processes. These unconscious thoughts and beliefs may have caused distress or are unhelpful; bringing them into the open allows necessary change to begin.

Life coaching is a practice that helps people identify and achieve personal and/or professional goals.  By its nature, it is goal orientated and solution focused approach. 

Some of the reasons you may want to contact me:

     Mood & Eating Disorders/ Grief & Loss

     Relationship Difficulties

     Stress, Anxiety & Anger Management

     Addiction – to drugs, alcohol, prescribed medication, gambling, sex and other obsessive and compulsive behaviours.

Determining if you or someone you love has an addiction can be a tricky proposition; however, the signs of addiction generally become quite clear over time. Specific signs of addiction will vary according to particular addictions but there are some common signs that are applicable across all addictions. These include:

Increased desire to participate in the activity or consume the substance

Difficulty when not involved with the substance or activity

Inability to control the addictive behavior

Major shifts in mood related to the presence or absence of the substance or activity

Negative effects to one's life due to the addiction (e.g., financial issues, relationship troubles, work problems, health decay, etc.)

If you identify one or more of these signs please do not hesitate in calling for help. It doesn't get any better!

eu-em-novembro-14- Degree in Counselling/Psychotherapy and Clinical Psychologist (Seen by BAPCA) Pontifícia Universidade Católica de Minas Gerais (Brazil); December 1995

- Pos-graduated in Humanistic Psychotherapy (equivalent to a Taught Master level) (Seen by BAPCA) Instituto Humanista de Psicoterapia (Humanistic Institute of Psychotherapy); December 1997

Code of ethics: BACP and BPS (British Psychological Society)

Languages: Portuguese and English

Post-Graduated Counsellor Psychotherapist - MBACP (CYP) - nº: 572.407 & Reg. nº.089116; Graduated Basis for Chartered Psychologist - GBC - MBPSs  - nº: 184.787; Child and Adolescent Specialist

 "I have particular experience working with children and young people, and also with different forms of addiction, sexual abuse, depression, bereavement, trauma, relationship difficulties, stress, and anxiety; adoption, looked after children and young people (LAC)." by Alexandre F. Giseke Counsellor, Supervisor, Trainer Consultant South East England

With over 21 years (over 13.000 hours) of practice with most areas of counselling (ie: couple, individual, group, adult, children and young people) in private and agency settings - including managerial posts. Ethos: Person-centred.

TEL: 07809895143

It was a privilege to be able to participate in some new cutting edge projects with Nuno in the field of dependencies and more, prevention workshops at schools/institutions as well as coaching outdoor activities with companies and their teams. Nuno´s professional skills, dedication and desire to "deliver the goods" are assets that stand out. I believe that these working experiences allowed us to come out of our confort zone more often and therefore become better and more effective professionals.

Jose Pedro Queiroz Vieira

Regional Sales Manager - Americas
Nuno is a dedicated, empathic and understanding manager and professional. He is able to lead by example and support his staff to get the best out of them even during challenging times. I enjoyed working with Nuno and learnt a lot from him and his management style.

Laura Smart MBACP

Counsellor and Consultant
Nuno's drive to support others, both clients and collegues, always impressed me. In the challenging arena of addiction treatment, Nuno was always on hand to offer his support and advice which helped me in my own development. A pleasure.

Adam Payn

Counsellor at iCare Counselling